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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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on dishes. 99% signalized to do the cake sugar free dish tuned in tod sho you. >> when we started sellingn. now we're shipping out orders 5 times faster my health products online, our shipping process was our shipping process was painfully slow. and we'r. go to /tv and get 2 months free. then we found ship station. now we're shipping out orders five times faster and we're i saving a ton. >> go to ship station .com tv and get two months free. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, a lot has been written about the corruption of politicians. you'vef seen that before, but said really not enough has been saidh about how unbelievablyow boring they are in person. that's the main thing youy notice when you have dinner with them.person. their main interest is their main interest is themselves. that's what they talk about. it's all they ca thn talk about abo and it's very tedious. narcissism always is tediousut.
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and so one of the greatissi and happy and unexpected smsurprises of this cycle is how many interesting people are running around the country., y people something to say that isn't necessarily about them. people who have interests beyond just accumulating country more power. jd vance and ohio kerry, blake a and blake masters in arizona,nd joe kent in washington state. dr. oz in pennsylvania. none of these people has been in politics before. all of them seem tobefore. be listening to voters listing, not just talkingthey a. all coazingly, all of them could win on november eight . and if they do, that's a huge problem for the democratic dis party and for the people iasnne charge. more broadly, it's a potential thing tdisaster. it's one thing to elect mitc more mitch mcconnell's team. republicanls, tames know what ts are. the first rule, of course,the f is you must lose. bu people like that will play along as they faithfully have for decades. but what happe would happen ifre someone like blake masters ord p jd vance wound up in the u.s. senate? that would be disruptivethat. these are not people who careey about secret partisan
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arrangements or even about partisan affiliation. don'te abt partisanthey might o change the country fortry ar the bettere in the. so if you're benefiting from the current disaster, that's a scary prospect. but no one running for office curr right now is quiteen scary tocay people like that. as kerry lake, she's running for governor . arizona, like maybe the most skillful communicator in american politics. lakeright now. >> but most terrifying of all,mc she spenatt 30 years in television news. so when kerry lake sayteles the media are corrupt, she's not guessing she livede right in the middle of it for decades. this is a deeply unsettlingis is a message for democrats to hear because it strikes at the heart of their power withoutir chancomplicity of the media, there is no chance neo liberal democrats could get elected to officoffice. ou not one of them ever.e they've got nothing to offer you. th it's not like they're improving the country. if you looked around now,medi they need the media. the media are all they have.
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the liberal media. they're not just annoying. they're the key to the whole system. take them away and everything changes. so it's essential to the people in charge that voters continuet to believe that the so-called news coverage they see and read is reaal andl, that it conveys s and not simply crude. north korea style political propaganda. but kerry lake knows better. she knows the truth again.ake she has seenkn it and they truly hate her for revealing thisg th secret in public. cae n leak has spent the laste a year absorbing the cruelest and most outrageous possibles gn attacks from her former colleagues in the media. they're not simply trying to defeat her in november, though. of course they are.they are they're trying to destrog toy h. they're trying to make certainto that no american voter ever hasw hathe chance to hear what kerry lake is saying, because, again, once peoplnge know it's all fak. this isn't news. these are lies is . key
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>> and these lies are the key wk to keeping the people who arein wrecking the country in power. once people understand thatr. the game is over, it's done. l he they have to stop. kerry leak. here's a sample. air lake was >> kerry lake was the picture, the image, the definition ofo ou a threat to our democracy. why the threat de to democracyby way by way of arizona is way more dire than you may think.f z onlake she has made lies about the twenty twenty election conspiracy theories. carrie lake, who has been out there spreading false conspiracies and election lies. still today, gubernatorial candidate carrie lake has been called trump in heels and wil not say whether she woulddmade . >> kari n election loss in her own race is an extreme anti boxer. she's the election denier. >> she's a compulsive liar. hees i see fear. is rising. t star of the right wing and proud spreader of lies. >> we have to be abundantly clear about just how radical kaa the carrie lakes and blake masters are. they areke andblake mast nothinn mccain. she might be in a position to
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win the governorship of the state. that would be wa very dangerous thing both forgo the stateve and for the country. t woultwenty , twenty four , a t to our society. >> terry lake. >> oh, she's an extremist catholic is extreme scream. the people who support open borders and late term selective abortions and the castration oe f children. she's extreme. unlike us s , she's hurtinganra democracy.tion of a yell as they promote hurti censorship and voter fraud. >>ngracy she's a threat tofraud. our society. and it's not just aging lifestyle. >> liberals on xanaxg li who have shows on msnbc who are festyle n mssayingnbe things l. >> no, it's republicans. two member memb the gop establishment in both arizona ad and in washington that would include, amazingly, former arizona governor jan brewer, who they told you wasvernor bree a conservative. but then, of course, they told you liz cheney wasco a conservative to be happy with her. she's conservative.. she is okayhe's on your side. okay, not surprisingly, liz cheney has come to the same conclusion about kerry lake, republican candidate in arizona
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who isvernor righte in. he was an election denier who is dangerous and that'se the kind of thing we cannot see in our party. we cannot see and accommodation like that. and i think it's very important that we be clear about so are you going to campaign for katief hobbs, the democratic candidate >>r governor in arizona,or as a result of that?l i i'm going todi do everything i can to make sure that kerry lake is not elected. d. does that include campaigning for democrats? >> if that's what it takes? yes, it okay, i'm going to do wl everything i can to make sure that kerry lake isn't electeds r the governor of arizona,e a state i don't live in. she says before an audience, people in texas who won't who be governed by kerry lake either. and they applaud. gover it's got tneo stop kerry like she's a fascist. she's dangerous. you'll destroy our society karis why? because she's telling the truths about the media. e she iselling twith authority,
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knows. fla so that's the flavor of the media coverage kerry leak has received. in fact, over the past year,ece. there's not been a single objective or anything't b approaching anee objective newse story about kerry lake in all of legacy media, every single story has been a partisan attack because she's telling the truth. but here's the amazing thing and the heartening things it s tells you about the winning power of the media.. >> kerry lake thrive d anyway. ona. she's now leading the race inai, arizona. if the election is fair, w she will win. so how did she de doo that? can few people can do that. how can she do that? well, she knows what she believes. she's not resetting her s positions from a teleprompter he b nolike joe biden or john fetterman. she's got brain damage. she has real beliefsprompter l.. but more than anything, kerry ai lake is not afraid ofme the media. she's not on a leash likdie everyone else. she know not s who they are and she's willing to say so. she doesn't care what the ne iw york times thinks because shedo' knows what the new york timesha is , because she lived in that
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world. watched this clip from tuesday of this week in which a reporter calls kerry like an election denie reporr. e >> if you're going to start throwing around terms like election denier, let's remembere who the other election deniers were. hillary clintorse ary n and alle the democrats. let's talk about election deniers. demo one hundred anddemocrat fifty examples of democrats denying elections denyin resultn so it's okay for democrats to question elections, but it's crk not okay for republicans. it's a crock obsf b.s. every one of you knows that we have our freedom of speech and we're not going to relinquisech anh to a bunch of fake news propagandists since 2000pr, egic people have questioned the legitimacy of our elections and all we're asking is that in the future, we don't have that have to happen. t hat anymore.n >> so you watch a clip like t that and you begin to connechat some dots. okay, so the mediae that contrl our perception of reality, that lie about what they tell us and don't tell us all kinds of things we probably should know.
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but the rest of the world, forrt y,example, those media organizations are, relatively speaking, tinyganization. o >> they're tiny. this a country. three hundred and forty million people, msnbc is like elevens l1 people watching. so why are they so powerful?1 pg well, they're so powerful because the people in charge take them seriously. they act like they they act like they have moral legitimacy when of course, they have no moralrale legitimay of any kind. this is full north korean propaganda. it's an offense agains north kt democracy. dean what they're doing and kerry like, knows that. e knowand she pulls off their m' and lets them know they don't dr deserve our respect. ve here, for example, is kerrycn leaks response in june when a cnn reporter asked her for an interview. >> watch this. hi, harry. hi fn , you obviously you don't have a mask on anymore. we're outside. given that we're six feet apart . i one minute t wilo chat. i'll do an interview, okay?n inv as long as it airsie on cnn.
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plus, i still exist. cnn i didn't think so because i dile don't like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda. >> thank you.o beca don' where's your mask? w hayou're neurotic, freak.which s i'll do it on cnn plus. propaga oh, failed because everyone hates you. >> it's so great because it's so true. all of us know. , cn but the people in charge,se especially in the republican party, the never admit it out l. if the new york times today hit piece on mitch mcconnell, you'd be rushing around his office worried about it. the new york times is hit piec on kerry like every day. and she laughs becausepiec it doesn't matter what the newsn'te york times thinks, they only have power because we give theme power, because we treat them like they're real. but they'rtheye fake. they're ghosts. turn on the lights and they evaporate. they go away. exist they don't actually exist. they're a fantasy that canng ase only continue as long as we icipate.participate. ka so irin attacking the media, we'll carry like it's really doing is standing up to
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institutional power. so foro institutiona example, ce is not afraid to improve the lives of people in arizonau by pushing back against the against t lunacy. oh, she's an extreme vaccine tonight. she's an anti exorcism. i-vaxx shere doesn't care.s on wednesday, she announced it no matter what the cdc doe s, arizonans will never be forced to inject their children with an experimental vaccinefor >> it clearly hurts people. watch.his is this is an experimental shot a. our children are not guinea pigs and we're not going to hav have incidents of myocarditis in our young, precious children. we will fight that with everyld. fiber in our being.l fight that. we won't have a forced s we're not going to have thishoth force shot by the cdc, which has the tentacles in big pharma. >> and i'm going to fight thatig . pharma. imagine what she would be like r on a debate stage haddrick to face off against her will . katie hobbs doesn't want to. she's running against katie ob's. hobbs do, esn't secretary of sh state of arizona, and she's refused to debate carrie lake.
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oh, she's an election disaster. right. okay, so how does katie hobbs plan to win? >> well,? this week, hobs, who is again the secretary ofeln state of arizona in charge of elections, announced that thousands of voters mistakenly received about that had only federal races on it. >> now, there's no proof this was deliberate, but it kind of undercuts the whole election bal denier attack when you send out thousands of faulty ballots a few weeklos before the electin . so as we said, assuming thatt all votes are counteald and we should never take that counted, and we should never on faith, we should never take . that on faith. weeo is is a democracy, we'v an absolute right tous have ittn proven to us that the election was fair. win if it is fair, catholics going to win. she's letting leading in pretty much every poll. der so you kind of havife to wonder if there's a person running for governor . arizon pa, with every person against her with institutional power annd she's going to wi win anyway, that maybe she's doingin something other republicans
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otheld learn about. and so we have invited and we're grateful that she accepted catholis earnc on the w tonight to pass on a littleshow advice to other candidates likev thank you soic much for coming on . so you were so attacked and reviled that news channels you might be sympathetic to your or people who mightk to be sympathetic to you didn't even bother to talk to you because there's no chance you could wisee yon. g. you are winning.ic that's an amazing achievement. what advice woule would you givo other candidates? >> oh, my gosh, fight back . i mean, here's here's the beautiful thing, tucker. people really are watchinge a lot of these news channels.nn. and i know it because i used to be privy to some of the ratingsl of the local news. and so they show up and 90 percent of them are liberal leftists and probably of that 90%. eighty nine . well, maybe 100% of them aren'te that smart. and they think they're seyo are powerful. ing and i just decided to start mic bringing a camera and a microphonean and turningcamera o the camera on them. . >> you know, here's how it goes
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. they throw you a it's loaded with the whole bunch of garbage. there's obviously an agenda in a their question and a soliloquy r don' then they get you to answer it, but they cute a their part out so they don'tr pt look like a fool. internet an well, we decided to start putting their part right out on the internet and showing people what the media is up toa and they've been lying. you're doing hit pieces about me. i've been on the campaign traing n for five hundred six days, but who's counting? have and they've been lying almosliet the entire time. but the people just aren't buying it anymore. i mean, they're turnin tunin people lig they're tuning in to people like you. te you've got the ratings. the cnn's of the world don't the have the ratings anymore. and they're losing their powermw . and if they're lying about met every single night, imagine what else they'relsee lyine lyit when it comes to happenings in the world. it's well, it's it's. really sad. >> and so it's it's terrifyingwe because they do have so much power because both parties take them seriously. so you lef seriouslt a good job in whichurf you were succeeding and spent run foife in television and you politid to leave that and run
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for governor with noperience political experience in your background, just su in youo an interesting decision. >> why did you decide to do that? that? well, because i really recognize that the media was becoming all propaganda. d my spirit, dn't want to lend my my soul, my spirit, my brain, my mind, to any of that. and the people then when i when i resigned, asked me to run forh office and let's face it,as the republican party has the ideas that work. we've got the common sensee repe ideas. and the republicans have beenfr running from that rather than going out and showinomther thage that we have the good ideas, wee don't have to allow the left dict and the liberals in the media to dictate what we're talking about. we are need to dictate what we'e talking about. we have the better ideas. we're on the right side of things. >> i mean, they call you ane a e extremist. >> i can't imagine a moresensib moderate and sensibllee message than the one that you're delivering. >> and iu , i hope that peoplee said your campaign, no matter what happens because you somehow got that messagethroug t
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through the filter. and i just think it's it's ankal amazing achievement. so clearlyake, t, thank you for coming on tonight. really. thank you, tucker. you thank you.tucker .so one thing the american medin don't cover very much is what'sn happening in other countries. >> maybe there are too many lessons for the rest of us . so the prime minister of the uk just resigned after just a fewmt weeks in an >> what was that about? piers morgan is from that country and joins us next to assess hunting. biden is the most protected person in the country, money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying. you have a lot of influence, big guy. email. the son of the vice president is doing deals funded by the chinese government. there are so many pieces of evidence the media has ignored because they wanted joe biden elected president . ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i am here to defend joe biden, who were attempting to influence policy.
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objection, your honor. let's look at photographs. this is what i think of these photographs. you really have no way of knowing what was said between him and these people. he committed bribery, cyrano, where he's going to try my case ,try not to lose it at this time. the prosecution rests the trial of hunter by streaming all this week exclusively on fox station sign of a fox nation .com. by now, you are all familiar with the camp you lawsuits where marines who lived at the base were exposed to dangerous life threatening chemicals in the water. but what about their sons and daughters? what about their spouses? one huge topic that is being overlooked is that they were all potentially exposed to the tainted water from drinking, cooking and even swimming in. yes, the families of those marines living at camp one between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to benzene, vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals. many of those family members
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also suffered from cancer and even death. the same legislation that allows marines to recover damages for health issues also applies to their sons and daughters, husbands and wives. if you or any other family member was at camp lejeune during that time period, please call stanly law. stanly law is at the tip of the spear fighting for financial compensation for those family members who became sick or died because these life threatening chemicals, stanley law, fighting for the families of those who fought for us , start saturday, strong with ohio state, ohio. this were on the road in columbus when the shooting because the game begins with a touchdown. heisman trophy winner case dropped the second ranked buckeyes into a clash with the hawkeyes. the best three get the best in the biggest game, big new saturday, ohio, ohio state on fox.
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>> and greetings to you. thrill seekers, conversationalists and music lovers all across the aisle be full and optimistic and plain. it's the rush limbaugh program here on the excellence broadcasting network. well, let me just tell you, folks, it's never going to be time to panic because we're never going to give up. we're not going to give up on america. >> a democrat in independent clothing. what is the challenger to republican mike lee? i tim ryan is the emasculatedina
10:20 pm
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lifestyle liberal who was posing as a working man as henno runs for ohio. he's accused his opponent, j.d. vance, of peddling conspiracy theories. >> conspiracy theories likey ths what? >> the last election was unfair. it's conspiracy theory. so we thought we'd take a look at some congressman ryan's theories. the washington free beacon at c joe salmonsen did the work foreo us . he just unearthed this footage. it's froe work fm tim ryan's fit congressional campaign, though. >> in this clip, you don't hear this very often in washington. ryan promised to investigate, which he takes very seriously. the u.s. government created aids to murder black people. >> watch this.g whethe dr. boy gravesr and others have discovered evidence of the intentional creation of the hiv aids virus and otheropl. life threatening disease
10:22 pm
set and targeting a black population by agencies of the u.s. government. as a us congressperson, will you support our demand for a full congressional investigation into this matter? absolutely. atiothat was quickly lick his l that this is crazy. what do i say?s li i can't tell them it's crazy. only inyy, it's not mean, you know, we're open to i any possibility. we believe in n ufos, so there's evidence of it. of course, we'll follow up on it. doesn't seem to be any evidencek of it, though. and claims like that make eac people really hateh othe each or on racial grounds in this country. so responsible person would have said, no,grounds. ould say i don't actually think that's true. but he did not say that because he'll say anything is all hethep wants is power. so the the free beacon followed up with tim ryan'sith e yo offio find out. have you gotten the probe underway? the ? >> but they didn't get a response. but this wasn't the only brilliant idea that tim ryan has had. breitbarlliant ia t reports tont when he ran for president in 2013, remember that tim ryan pledged to give a to free a million inmates from acrosst m
10:23 pm
the country, just let him out of prison. f presumably if he wins electiou in november, which thank god he's not going to, he would try that in the u.s. senate. cko >> so people are getting a little sick of politicians who will say anything like tim ryan . and that's not jus- t in this country. in the uk, prime minister livesu trusntt just resigned.e minister she is now officially great l britain's shortest serving primiz s e minister. se >> wharvt is this about?minister well, piers morgan had her no early. he's the host of piers morgan uncensored on fox nation. we thought h early.e would be able to explain what is this all abouta. to us tonight. thanks so much. for coming on . you no, i know since i talked to you yesterday on unrelated matters that you were very mad at liz truss. but i don't understand the nuances. why is she so bad? >> well, i thought from the start that she was utterly useless and she's not turned t out to be indeed utterlythis mit useless, mainly because this might sound familiar to you.
10:24 pm
talk to her about what's been going on in america. she made extremely grandiosesl promises and pledges about fixing the economy, about granunifying the country, about the fix, everything that was wrong with britain. and of course, within aboutain. three weeks, she launched a series of measures, unfunded, slashing taxes everywhere, which is great if you can fundd she couldn't. ths reacted. the horrifically. the pound had a run against the dollar almost into parity. interest rates rocketed and it was very quickly clear she r didn't know what she was doing. so she did were all weekw what leaders, did she, through her treasurer, her chancellor under the bus and fired him to try and save her own skin. that didn't work.r chance th and then she got the visit from the men in gray suits,e t from the undertakers, we call them, who slide in the back door of number 10 downing street today to say the gam ue is up and it . is all over. forty four days, tucker,s a and she's gone. this was a british prime minister, the shortest tenure in the history of my country. on one level, it's very
10:25 pm
embarrassing. shameful, actually . what she did was playof a reckless casino. politics m with the nation's finances. and the result will be that millions of people in britain will have much higher mortgages and that's going to be very painful for them. so there is real cost and pain to what she did. but there is a lesson, isn't thi the one good thing aboutng thise is once we realized she was indeed utterly hopeless, we yo were able to get rid of it very quickly. you guys, you're stuck. you'll start with oldde joe biden. four years. and of course, he's be making the same promises about the economy. thme promises about unifying the country. all this stuff we have a very se flawed political system in many ways. no country . but the way we are ruthless. with bad leaders is actually, >> tuc i think, quite an impressive feat. well, i couldn't agree more ,ke so it's samore.d. >>r we think of the britisht sb economy as ever, enduring one of the most stablele ines the world. >> it sounds suddenly like it's not very stable. yeah, listenn happen, it's justs you what can happen if you play roulette with the markets.
10:26 pm
if you do stuff, which just doesn't make sense. and i said this when she did b afteig a big mini budget after three weeks in office and i thought, wowin, this doesn't mae any sense. she's not funding any of it. she's givingsh us all these tax cuts. where's the money coming from. m during a financial crisis? oney comina massive cost of livg crisis, she kept saying it was about growth, growth, growth. in fact, tens of billions of loss. in later, literally in a week, we d realized it was the complete opposite and we were able to act. it was, it was so bad that the economist, which s is quite a serious economic magazine, did a profile of h herer about ten days ago in whichd he they compared it to an iceberg lettuce. and they said that she basically, if you took out the queen's death and the ten day period of mourning, she had basically lasted abouta lo the shelf life of a lettuce.. and the daily star newspaper in britain then did a live streamof of an actual lettuce seven dayst ago just to see what wouldo happen, would it outlast liz truss?trus and today,s? the lettuce wase
10:27 pm
declared the victor. the lettuce outlived liz truss. a d if that doesn't sum up, what a ridiculous as fardo as this has been, i don'est know what does, but it's beenbrit a pretty awful episode. ai veryof britain, very embarrassi. it has shattered our reputation no ,as you say, for economic are competence. and now we're facing an facing extraordinary extraordinary situation where boris johnson, who was, as you may remember, fireere d from ofn three months ago by his owny tun g onparty turning on him, is now one of the favorites to make a dramatic return and becomey pp prime minister again.le t and that, i think foher many to people, will be the day that we decide to get on a plane and come to america. permanently for the calmnessfor and the solidityth of your presidential system. well, you're always welcome here. .pier piers morgan, great to see yousg tonight. thank you for that. beaten by ana gets out. i love morgan.ove uncensored, of course, is on. have an update to a and worth it. so we have a ston updatery to ae tonight that the cdc does not.
10:28 pm
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is witnessing history tonight into network television's greatest spectacle has come back to the stars on the planet are unleashed upon again by a friday night smackdown sponsored by progressive had 8:00 eastern on fox and the fox sports app. >> did you hear that? don't be frightened. to get some 80% flights. they need lots. i have a distributor. >> it's the biggest drug broker in vegas. you build up their trust, set up a sting, take them down.
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cortez is a dangerous man. i can make it. he could kill us . both. he didn't get a whiff of fbi presence. twain wound . go get the product. she stays. he left her. we got a real from the cleaning lady all new monday at nine eight central on fox. >> so when a story is not getting enough attention, the cdc just voted unanimously to add the covid shot toe childhood immunization schedules. tsome members of the panel at the cdc were wearing masks during the vote, even though they were inside on a zoome call. to give you a sens e of though th the caliber and emotionalwere o. condition the members of that panel, this decision will harmni children. there's literallll hary no quesn about that.. requiremens directly, said peg their vaccine requirements to the cdc schedule, and that means children will be forced b to get this fax , which is a necessary, scientifically forced te and dangerous in order to get an education in this country.
10:34 pm
now,e cd the cdc deniedn our reporting on that. that.s notand said that' true. but it is true. it's ay it's absolutely true. verifiably true. fortunately, officials in several states , including florida, texas and kansas, are kansnot going along with this. t they announced after reporting that they will not comply. the cdc's new vaccine schedule th facture jet nashwais d joins uso assess what's going on tonight. doctor , thank you so much for coming on . so people who want their children to receive this vaccine can, of course, give their children this vaccine. e cd why would the cdc put this on its schedule? do you have any ideathis o yet? you're exactly right.. ther maybe prophet, there's ne o good reason to have a vaccine thate can't stop disease, can't stop transmission of disease on this schedule. vaccination. you know, tucker disease, i've d the front lines. i have literally taken care ofer thousands of covid patientont ls covi the past two and a half years, many of which were children. years. none of them that i had to hospitalized. but yet today we see the cdc
10:35 pm
vote to put covid-19vote on the childhood vaccinations schedule, you know, up againstth the polio vaccine, which ion scactually helps prevent yom catching paralysis, prevents you from developing paralysigaii or the measles vaccine, which prevents encephalopathy inflammation of your brain or blindness or even, you know, up against the hepatitis vaccine that helps prevent destructions of your liver. but yet they want toccin add co. for children. what will that do?en.ha help reduce a sniffle? it's important to understand 86% of children have natural immunity. and a recent study out oa studf the university of indiana justun found that that natural immunity in children children is stronger and lasts is actually stronger and lasts longer for protection. more so than compared to adults. so we need to keep that inmind mind. but yevaccint they want to put s vaccine on the schedule that shows no benefit. be evidence that shows it's of benefit, and there's no data or evidence that shows it can prevent disease and it can prevent death. this vote was irresponsible and illogical. i mean, on some level, they're
10:36 pm
discrediting all vaccines, including vaccines. like the ones you mentioned, the polio vaccine, which i think most reasonable people are very in favor of. polei this is so reckless and crazy that people wearing masksle and calls are going to scareica americans away from all vaccinesm al.p with yeah, we t need to stop with th. fear mongering. we're nowe are longer in a covii emergency today at my shift that i just finished a few 3 minutes ago, i only had aboutt three cases that were positive . . everyone's symptoms were very, very mild.'ss were it's time to get back to the basics and understand we are putting these stringente restrictions and guidelinesst rs on the lowest risk population are children. they've already suffered enougkh . right. we need to do is focus on catching up as far as schooling their grades, u math , reading, writing,p anxiety, depression, drugs, addiction, all these thingsd that they're suffering from. we're only making it worse addict. only about a third of children are vaccinated. what are you going to do? vaccinated.ut of school? if they're not vaccinated? that's just a disaster. waiting tog happen. o
10:37 pm
i hope and pray, tucker, that each state realizes that it's important to respect the science, respect the data h statalizes iand make the righh when when it comes to drawing the line. g the ope so, too. li you very muthank you very mu. thank you, tucker. so school boards for some reason are pumping an awful lot of money into o promoting race hate in the classrooms. educatiogucation is bein neglected by the schools, are a not meeting basic proficiency standards. at a recen dt meeting of the wae county school board of carolin the state of north carolina, led one pastor but his school board know how he feels about thist watch 70% of third throughf thir eighth grade black students aret not proficient in math in wakene county, we're wasting taxpayer dollars putting money towards this diversity office. that's not benefit those who need it the stand as we talk about inclusion and making sure that the trend student feels comfortable and the student feeland sthe
10:38 pm
comfortable, what does that have to do with reading, writing and arithmetic? as we are all as we as we are math? we are teaching culture marxism an teaching cultural marxism and grooming children to be then next, we are damaging our kids. in this public school system and it needs to stop. man, you just saw john and manchukuo. he is a pastor. joins us thankssaid. he's a father as well who joinsn us tonight. pastor, thang k you so much fort coming on . it's striking to hear someon te point out that the point of schools is to educate children d oingand they're not doing it.ay >> why is it left to you to say that? sa >> well, it's a shame that i have to say it, but i'm going to say it as a father of, bu three beautiful black children and as a youth pastor,i will its my role to speak up for3 beauti children of all colorsk and creeds. f there's a new god in the landor and this god's name c is diversity, equity and inclusion. there is
10:39 pm
and this god forces you to bow. to it and if you don't support. this god , they will cancel yout or and label you as a homophobeo ,as a bigot or evil or evena as a white supremacist. the indoctrination in the public school system musttes end. i'm prepared to go to everyd school board meeting in this country to speak up for children who are being indoctrinated. wake county has gone woke and as we approach thisg this upcoming election, we needoffice people in office who are not trying to groom our children, indoctrinate our children into critical race theory,l of intersectionality and all of wokes. oke ideologie >> but we need to get back to reading, writing and arithmetic . >> so many pastors in white and black churches have gone along with this anti christian program. and it's a tragedy to watch. t why have you not why are you
10:40 pm
different? >> because i've read the bible, you know, from genesis to viewp revelations, we have a clearoi viewpoint on what god expects of pastors. like ae modern day-d pastoayr ty is more like a wimp and less like a wash watchman. the bible says that the blood will be on the hands of the watchman or the pastorman oy the prophet or the preacher if e they fail to expose the truth. g of what's going on .n. this is why i wrote my new book that was released called erasede uncovering the lives of critical race theoryrase and abortion. i m doing a national book tour in 2020 three and i'm going to expose what's going on and the left's plan and attempt to destroy our children and to destroy the blac wilk community through critical race theory and abortion. >> t christian leaders need to dest stand up and say that andunit they do. and they're not. and i'm just grateful to see that you are a pastor. thank you very much for joining us tonight. pastor munchy, thank you. >> so we have a bear alert
10:41 pm
after the break. lot of peopl not a lot of people fight off av a grizzly bear and live to tell a story, but a college wrestlerr just did. he saved his friend's life ins the press. an amazing story. we're honored to have him join us next. a heart attack. do they have life insurance? no, but we have life insurance, john . >> i'm trying to find something we can afford. >> fortunately, in only a few minutes, selectquote found john a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty dollars a month and his wife and a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty one dollars a month. go to select , quote, .com now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford selectquote, we shop, you save pay parents and grandparents. as we wait to see what's next for president trump, mike huckabee's education company wants to help your kids learn all about president trump's greatest achievements. during his first term. that's why we're giving away the kids guide to president trump.
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don't win 800 at three four one one eighty four . >> so a couple of years back , the very pinnacle ofe the craziness. a city councilma crazinesn in seattle voted to defund the police. called the murderersg them and racists. o she doesn't want to defund polic the police who protect here . she actually wants the police to protect her. she is demanding she's demanding it fore the second time on northwest crime correspondent jason rantes jason join us joins us with anl a business report on this. >> jason , on tucker, socialis. seattle city councilman shama s sawant says shhe saie is the vir of a drive by iv thrower.p she says a man has thrown a bag of human waste at her homeat her six times this month and she'ssn now demanding that the seattled police department not only prioritizes the seattle poe the investigation, but post de officers outside of her home for protection. now, just for context,ficers osd lost nearlyt five hundred officers since her defunding campaign. they hav
10:47 pm
and it's gotten so bad. we've gone weeks without investigating sex crimes becausithoute we didn't have enh staff. so a nonviolent poofter is obviously not a high priority. but how's this for bizarre? she's criticizing the cops forr not sending the human waste toha a lab for forensic testing. >> and she noted in a pressb fo release, quote, that seemsre quite odd considering thatns hospitalic labs do tests on hum. fecal matter all the time. i'm not entirely sure what shes. thinks she's going to actually get from the testing. ma'am, we've narrowed downe narr owthe suspect to someone who has irritable bowel syndrome. >> i'm not sure what she expects. so in this open letter that sh wrote to the police chief, she said, quote, as a socialist city council member who has participated in blm protests, i'm being toldsyndrome that my l six threatening incidents involving humad thatn doesn't me even a serious investigation, let alone for protection. >>ve yes, that's exactly whatt she's being told. this is not the first timeon the police funder has asked for special treatment. she's made the same demands last year after receiving threatening emails. now, police tell me this is ans open investigation. i should know, tucker, if arres, police do end up making anan
10:48 pm
arrest. thanksks to th to the criminal e reforms that sawant backs, it's no t bookable offense. so they're not spending time in jail. it's got to be one of the worst people i've ever heard about! ever. on i could make a million j better i kes about not going to jail. it's really appreciate your report on that. >> thank you. you o so we've often said we're all the men, all these crazy things happen where the men standing up to help. , ther well, there are still some . and there in wyoming on saturday, a group of wrestlers from northwest y a college outside cody went on hike. one of them was called kendall cumins. he saved his friend and teammate from being mauled by a grizzly bear bear nears fre yellowstone. the bear attacked his friendnd o and cummings attacked the bear. he yanked the bear's ear., kicked the bear, pulled its both fur. and he and his friend both survived.d is. they were injured. you withey were injured. >> kendall was injured. you'll see that right now because he's joining us . come on .. whme on . thank you so much for joininatga us today. most an amazing story.
10:49 pm
most people see a bear,here particularly in the west, whered legitimately dangerous and they run you attacks the bear t bear >> why did you decide to do that? that's that's right. i just couh my teammate being attackedht ono by the bear. you know him, i saw it right onp of him and i couldn't let thatte happen. i had to step in and do something. so i walked up to itn and grabbed his ear and pulled on it. and then the bear director's attention towards me and itked attacked me. >> whamet di. d the bear i ,e be i think if youar pull on a bear. here, you've got to expect any the is going to attack you. you knew that you did it anyway. i just think it's absolutely heroic and so impressive impre. >> wha tt did the bear do?r do how did he attack you on .ear, when i pulled on its ear, it kind of looked right at me and my heart kind of sunk. it took a few steps back then. the bear just lunch for me, gotl
10:50 pm
me onto the ground and pushed te me all the way against some trees. against some trees. it started and started attacking me, a littleon my hands and my legs a little bit. and it left me alone. then i called out to my buddy to make sure he was still all right. and then the bear came back in ,attacked me again and got my head and my face over here. and then kind of just laidagain. there lifeless and it left e again. this time i gave it two or three minutes before i got up and started walking downdo wn thethe mountain bleeding from a bear attack. >> it's extraordinary story. how are how are your injuries? how are your hands? how's your head? oh, my gosh. >> i h puncture wounds in my legs and in my hands. and then my arm here.ere. and i got like 60 some staplesad in my head and then another bigc
10:51 pm
old bite mark in my cheek. and i think i had i had o hundreds of stitches. i mean, i hope you were greeted as a hero back at home. at home. i mean, in wyoming, this is still considered impressive behavior, isn't it? right. yep yeah, they are. that fire trucks and police cars and all sorts of stuff. when i got back , i got back home. well-deserve d. t bear i have to ask, you always hear about bear attacks and the people who survive. rvive. i don't think most do but the ones you do always say that the bear has terriblet is r breath. >> is that true?y that's very i don't know what it was even s it's, but it's it' something i remember it was nasty. >> when you when the bear had your head in his mouth. what you i mean, you must have thought you were going to die. >> these children, you know,or a they did. yeah. die for a second i thought that was
10:52 pm
going to die kind of laying there. but i guess it wasn't my time. i agree.i what didha you what'sur your pictures and are they . they're just happy for me.they happy for me to be alive and they said that i was always kind of that kid that would put my life before someone else's. yeah, but to attack a grizzly bears pretty. beyond. that's going kind above and beyond what they call mefo crazy for. zy they say i'm crazy for that.. i love it. and i wish we had a lot men more men like you. i appreciatee your coming on tape. ngra kendall cummings, congratulatetu you. heroislations.m. thank you. thank you. >> t ucprobably didn't see this stor a twenty four year old man was just sentenced to overbehindttin three years behind bars. m this crimeik sitting on mikee pence's chair on january 6th. how many blm rioters got that much time behind bars for burning down wendy's?
10:53 pm
we've details next. >> you wake up in the morning. one day this hurts. one day another hurts. everything hurts. what have i tried in the past? what have i not tried it? nothing works. the pain still there. you know, the thing about the cream, i started putting it on and things started changing from my elbows to my shoulders. if this product worked for me, it can work for you. i mean, i feel energized. i feel like a 40 year old or a twenty year old. >> thank you. australian dream. hi. i'm awfully the inventor of life back . simple rescue device that could save a life in the joe biden emergency. all these people were saved by life that people may not realize that on average, 14 people a day die from choking related incidents every five days. one of those is a child. this simple is please push home
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to learn more . >> please visit lifehacker at by now you are all familiar with kampala's you lawsuits where marines who lived at the base were exposed to dangerous, life threatening chemicals in the water. but what about their sons and daughters? what about their spouses? one huge topic that is being overlooked is that they were all potentially exposed to the tainted water from drinking, cooking and even swimming in. yes, the families of those marines living at camp lejeune between 1953 and 1980, seven were exposed to benzene, vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals. many of those family members also suffered from cancer and even death. the same legislation that allows marines to recover damages for health issues also applies to their sons and daughters, husbands and wives. if you or any other family member was at camp lejeune during that time period, please call stanly law. stanly law is at the tip of the spear fighting for financial compensation for those family members who became sick or died because of these
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10:58 pm
vladimir putin has ratcheted up the nuclear rhetoric. fox news america is watching as a man, we're designed to do hard things. testosterone levels are declining 10% per decade. chemical and pharmaceutical companies are poisoning us . but you're not allowed to notice this is happening. this is a chemical warfare on our country. you have to have strong men . if you don't, it's not going to go well. what's wrong with our food is that it's not food and reliant on industrial processes. and for many of these compounds ,there's clear evidence that some of these chemicals causes problems with reproduction. picking something hard to do every day will increase your testosterone. we need a renaissance getting into a healthier state and a healthier person. that's when you really start to see improvement. no one in washington seems interested at all. it's a joke to them. if men can't reproduce in
10:59 pm
the world. so we're headed for a calamity this week of twenty four year old former ucla student called christian seymour was sentenced to three and a half years in federal federal now, by merrick garland p standards, that's a very's a log time. even people commit acts ofo como terrorism, don't spend that long in jail.g for example, christian sector barsll spend far more time behid bars than the two attorneys who firebombed a police cruiser in new york city during the blm riots. back in 2020. du merrick garland wants them out in just two years. all they did was firebomb a police cruiser. so what exactly christian secord do to spend more time behind bars?e have a lot more than those guys? well, on january six of 2020ehi one , christian seeker walked into the senate chamber and sati down briefly in mike pence, his seat . that's it. didn't hurt anyone. sat in it.didn mike pence''ts sr that christian speaker will spend more time in prisonio
11:00 pm
than people who tried to set police officers on fire to murder police officers. police so what does mike pencek of this? >> a man going to prison forg in three and a half years for sitting in his seat . he didn't issue a statementk? about it, so we called hisid office. what do you think he didn't respond. >> maybe he will be interesting to know. what does mike pence see forl. this? >> that's it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow.nity i in the meantime, sean hannity next. >> have a great night and tucker. and tonight, welcome to "hannity". all right. th the countdown continues. there itow is , 19 days until yu send a message to joe biden. to j harris, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and all the green new deal radical socialists in congress. are you happy with recor radicah gas prices?s pr are you happy with a recor forty one year record high of inflation? are you happy with the open borders and joe biden? are you happ y with recordrd violent violent crime, record robberies ,record murders, how hass th the left's defund dismantle nobe


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